Shopping for a smart device but need to save up money? Why wait? Get your smartphone or tablet TODAY in just 8 easy steps!


  1. Fill out an application to see how much money is approved for leasing. You put down your payday schedule and amount, your active checking account information, and credit or debit card information.
  2. Get an e-mail from our partner leasing company confirming the amount you’re approved for leasing.
  3. Send an e-mail to Doctor Smart to confirm your application.
  4. Order your product at our online store and select “Apply for No-credit Instant Financing” under payment method.



Shop for your smart device at Doctor Smart Phones!

5. Doctor Smart receives your order and confirms the product amount with Progressive Leasing.

6. You will receive a contract on the terms and conditions of your lease. Read thoroughly, sign with an e-signature, and make your first payment.

7. Your order will be processed four business days after you sign the contract.

8. Either pick up your new device at your local Doctor Smart location or have it shipped to your address!

Find out today how much you’re approved for leasing! 

No Credit Needed To Apply!

Make easy regular payments up to 12 months.

You Must Be 18 Years Or Older.

Apply with a valid Social Security Number or ITIN.

You Must Make The First Payment.

Apply with a credit or debit card and an active checking account.

Save Money In Three Months!

Save money on interest by opting in a 90 day pay off or early buyout after 90 days.