So your smartphone breaks or causes issues. Maybe it got water damage. Maybe it didn’t survive another fall.

Not all symptoms of smartphone damage are so apparent. You can tell when it is starting to slow; sometimes shutting down. You can feel the battery overheating so quickly, or it might not be charging at all– no matter how many cell phone chargers you buy.

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And it is frustrating because you want to keep your phone a little longer. Remember when smartphones used to have keyboard keys? Now all the latest models use touch screen keyboards. Looks like headphone jacks are going to be obsolete too. Apple models are giving up headphone jacks and looks like Android OEMs are going to do the same.

It seems that smartphones have a limited lifespan. It is constantly causing problems. Pretty soon it will mess up productivity at work, or die when you need it the most while you’re out on vacation.

Remember, your smartphone is a machine. It will break or die at some point. But like machines, it can be fixed. Why replace the smartphone when it can be repaired?

Step 1: Recognize the Problem

The first step is to recognize the problem and try some simple solutions.

Cell Phone Problems

DIY Solutions

Slow performance or camera isn’t functioning Pop out the battery while it is still on, wait ten seconds, and then put it back in and turn it on
Not charging Check the cable or clean the charging port
Battery is overheating or dying too quickly Check and see if you’re running too many apps or have too many windows open on your web browser
Some basic apps refuse to function Make sure you have the latest updates installed

If these problems persist, then it is a sign of a much larger problem.

STEP 2: Locate a Professional

However, you may not have to completely replace your phone. Dr. Smart Phones offers free diagnostics and affordable repair services. We have multiple stores throughout North America. You can locate your local Dr. Smart Phones store by visiting

STEP 4: Check In for Repair

Once you drop off your smartphone, the technician will get right to work on fixing the problem. He or she will contact you after your smartphone is fixed.

STEP 3: Make an appointment

Dr. Smart Phones makes it incredibly easy to make an appointment. Visit our website and select the device and model that you want to get repaired. We also accept walk-ins and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Smartphone Repair

STEP 5: Follow Up

As your smartphone’s doctor, we want to ensure that your smartphone is in great health. Follow up with us in our post-repair survey. All of our parts come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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